Friday, May 7, 2010

Neoneologology, again...

Here's my latest stab at newwordmanship: e-joicing, to e-joice. The feeling one has or the behavior one shows when a galling technological problem gets fixed and you more or less know how/why.

"My USB doesn't work anymore." -- "Let me try something..." -- "Hey, it works, what did you do?" -- "Just blah blah blah." -- "And there was much e-joicing in the land!"

I think nearly all e-derived neologisms are opportunistic weak sauce in the world of philology, but I have to stand by my own word here, like any good parent stands by a child. Think about how many e-based neologisms there are: it's e-gregious [see what I mean?].

While I'm online, I'm throwing in a link here to a lecture I'd like to watch when I get a chance (as opposed to watching it when I don't have a chance?):

Keith Ward on Kant's Triumph of Idealism

Having just taken the chance by the horns, as it were, and listened to Ward's lecture, I must say, it's excellent. I would love to find a transcript of the audio so I could post some choice quotations, but as it stands, I'm too lazy and tired to go back and type them myself and I don't find any such transcript in one go. Pity. I do recommend you listen to Ward, though, and for any eggheaded readers, follow it up with a reading of Paul Janz's sympathetically Kantian God, the Mind's Desire. (I still have the only review of it at… and I got it in Asia! :p )


mightygreekwritingmachine said...

E-pony-mous-a malo: pony with an evil hairdo. Hee, hee!

The Phantom Blogger said...

The Keith Ward lectures were delivered for Gresham College and heres a link to all of them (theres 29):

And here's a link to the Text of this lecture:

The entire website is a goldmine, with links to texts, video and audio lectures with over 700 lectures on topics from philosophy, art, history, economics, mathematics, biology, computer science, chemistry and physics, among others.

Here's a link to all the lectures: