Sunday, May 9, 2010

The land of the setting sun…

Japan's child population (those under 15) recently hit a new low, down 190,000 from a year earlier. The proportion of children in Japan has been declining for 36 years to about 13% now, while those over 65 have become 23% of the population--up from 5% 60 years earlier. This means that a combined 35% of the Japanese populace (not including medical patients and illegal aliens if such there be haha) is dependent on the labor, time, and taxes of 65%. I don't know how that compares to other countries but it's not hard to see why a whole generation there is bucking against being third-generation "salaryman". Keeping well in mind that correlation is not causation, note also the trend of the Japanese economy: a collapse, turned into a boom (by all those children of once procreative parents), which is constantly drifting towards a decline. I think it's a nearly ideal test case to see just how well anti-populationism goes with progress(iv)ism.

SOURCE: The China Post, 5.5.10, p. 2.

I originally posted this comment under this post by Dr. Liccione, but I had wanted to report this news as soon as I saw in the paper.

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