Saturday, June 12, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - June 12

[NB: Augustine (AD 354-430) is the most significant Church Father in the Western Church tradition (not to mention one heck of a writer!), so I figured hearing from him in particular would be beneficial. If not for you, at least for me. So naaah! What's also very cool is that he was a North African. I find it so ironic that a culture which has so profoundly embraced racism would owe so much to a dirty sandrat like Aurelius Augustinus.]

I, whom you see, with God's grace, as your bishop - I came as a young man to this city. I did what I could to seek salvation in a humble position rather than be in danger in high office. But a slave may not contradict his Lord.

I came to this city to see a friend. I felt secure, for the place already had a bishop. I was seized. I was made a priest, and from there I became your bishop.

-- Sermon 355, 2

Prayer. Heal and open my eyes that I may recognize your will. Put to flight my foolishness that I may know you.

-- Soliloquies 1, 1

June 12

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