Thursday, June 17, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - June 17 - The Sea-Walker

Look at the acrobat. There you have a person who at great pains has learned to walk on a tightrope and by being suspended keeps you in suspense. But now turn your gaze toward him who does far more spectacular things. Did he learn to walk on a tightrope? No! He walked on the sea! Forget your theater, then, for a moment and fix your gaze on him who is our "Rock." No tightrope-walker is he, but a sea-walker.

-- Commentary on Psalm 55, 4


Alas for me, O Lord, how high you are in the heights, and how deep in the depths! Nowhere do you withdraw, yet we scarcely return to you!

-- Confessions 8, 3

June 17

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