Saturday, June 26, 2004

Duck! Incoming!

VP Cheney Drops ‘F Bomb’ on Senate Floor

We’re not there yet, but – oh I can smell it like Memphis BBQ – we are getting closer to the knockdown-dragout antics of Asian politics.

During a Senate mass photo shoot, Mr. Cheney apparently scolded Leahy for accusing Cheney of war profiteering when he worked at Halliburton. Leahy then retorted that, well, Cheney had accused him of being a bad Catholic when Leahy, from what I gather, was accused with a number of other politicians of being anti-Catholic for their opposition to the appointment of a Catholic attorney general, William Pryor, last August to the Alabama supreme court. Cheney then said either “F*** off” or “Go f*** yourself”. Um, well said, Mr. Cheney.

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