Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Lectio Divina

I realized that, in the face of such a relentless stream of words, even about really "good," "spiritual" stuff, it might be easy just to see it as more, more, more words, words, words on the Internet, Internet, Internet. But seeing them that way, and succumbing to "information overload" that infects our society, would be a loss.

So I wanted to suggest you treat these quotes, these words from brothers and sisters before us, as opportunities not to learn more, but simply to listen. The goal - or one of the goals - of spiritual reading is to practice what's called lectio divina: literally, "divine reading." Lectio divina consists not so much in hearing what is being said, but in listening to what God might want to say to you through what is being said. God's grace is at work on us at every moment of our lives and pours into creation at every turn, in every nook and cranny, in every life. This is even truer for those that have been anointed by and filled with the Holy Spirit by baptism and faith in Jesus. We should be ready to listen for God at every moment, from even the least likely of sources.

That's why I post these quotes: for your benefit and my own.

Grace and peace to you!

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