Sunday, June 27, 2004

Ride the Snake! (ride the snake)

I saw this ad for Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning over a year ago and was intrigued. Not enough, of course, to read any more about it. Until now. This is my kind of exercise. Isokinetics. Flexibility. Functional strength. No equipment but what God gave me. Take a gander. I'd love to hear Matt P's two cents about it.

Weight training, weight lifting and bodybuilding are NOT what the general public has been told. ...

Don't mean to scare the hell out of you, but the facts are mounting. In the March 13, 2003, edition of the Wall Street Journal, for example, it was shown that pushing yourself to lift heavier and heavier weights increases the risk of aneurysm, stroke, high blood pressure and other problems. ...

I was the total skeptic. Not only had I lifted weights for years, but after 21 years in the martial arts, I thought I'd seen it all. So I just didn't believe Matt Furey when he said you can get kick-butt fit with bodyweight calisthenics. I could bench 400 and squat 625. So there's no way that I was going to fall for something so "simple."

But I couldn't shake this feeling that Furey might be right. I had read about the Great Gama of India, a wrestler who followed this program and was unbeaten in 5,000 matches. In terms of size and strength, he was amazing. He was 5'7" and 260 pounds of streaming steel. And that was in the early 1900's - long before steroids.

I can train anywhere. I don't need more than a few square feet of carpet or pavement and I'm all set. I have absolutely no excuses and my body is loving me for it. I don't need any equipment. Just my own bodyweight.

I get a kick-butt workout done in 15 minutes or less. Sure, I could do more - but I've gotten incredible results with this amount - so why ruin a good thing?

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