Thursday, June 24, 2004

Mot juste

"When it comes to smelling your own crap you're all ears."

The following is a Public Service Announcement for any potentially long-term readers of this blog:

Life is an ocean. My mind is a raft. My keyboard is a bilge pump. My blog is a drainage canal. As the waves of thought fill the boat, I must bilge the water or I'll drown. My little raft often fills up with puddles of random one-liners and aphorisms. And then it's time to bilge. Every keystroke is a bilge burp of thought.

That's what the mot juste (above) is: a bilge burp. It refers to no one (yet). It didn't come to me in any relevant way during some significant situation. I was just floating in my little raft, cleaning the kitchen. And then I saw a puddle. And then it was time to type. Burp!

Between strokes of the bilge, I decided to give myself an alter ego to spearhead this ongoing bilging campaign. His name is Elliam Fakespeare. He is the king of idiosyncratic and ostensibly respectable quotes. He is the Bard of Bougis Bullshot. He is, in fact, the co-author of this blog. Keep your eye out for him. The waves are high, my little raft can only hold so much, and he likes to bilge.

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