Thursday, September 16, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - September 15 & 16

September 15 - Pride -- Beginning of an Evil Will

"People would not have performed an evil work unless an evil will had preceded it. Now what else than pride could be the beginning of an evil will? What is pride but the desire of a height out of proportion to our state?

"It is a height out of proportion to our state to leave God to whom the soul should cling as its basis and to become in some way our own basis. This is what happens when the soul is too pleased with itself."

-- City of God 14, 4

"Prayer. What shall I ask of you, kind Jesus? Through you all things were made, Son of God, yet you are made among all things, Son of Man. Why should we come and learn from you? 'Because I am meek and humble of Heart.'"

-- Holy Virginity 35

September 16 - You Are a Work of God

"If you praise the works of God, then you will also have to praise yourself, for you too are a work of God. Here is how you can praise yourself yet not be proud. Praise not yourself but God in you. Offer praise, not because you are this or that kind of person, but because God made you; not because you are capable of doing this or that, but because he works in you and through you."

-- Commentary on Psalm 144, 7

Prayer. Behold, O Lord, we are your little flock; we belong to you.

-- Confessions 10, 36

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