Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - September 27 & 28

September 27 - Praying for Bodily Health

"Undoubtedly, it is good that you request bodily health from God. If he knows that it is for your greater good, he will give it to you. If he does not give it, then it was not for your advantage. God knows, therefore, what is better for us. Let us seek only that our heart be free from sin."

-- Sermon on John 7, 12

Prayer. Be a protecting God for me. I will not be saved unless it is in you. Unless you were my rest, my sickness would not be healed.

-- Commentary on Psalm 70 (1), 5

September 28 - God's Correction Is for Our Good

"Manifestly, it is not true that the screams of someone undergoing a painful operation should hold back the hand of the surgeon who is skillfully operating! Is the surgeon cruel for continuing in order to heal the patient?

"Seek nothing but God's help whenever you are corrected by him. See to it that you do not perish, that you do not depart from the Lamb and be devoured by the lion!"

-- Sermon on John 7, 12

Prayer. Lord, you are the virtue dwelling in my mind and the hiding place of my thoughts!

-- Confessions 1, 13

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