Sunday, September 5, 2004

Despite all I wrote below...

The reason I haven't been blogging (quite as) much is the reason I shan't be blogging much: my mind is on other things these days. I'm trying to read a lot; I'm studying Chinese more; I'm working (and working out) full-time again; at the deepest level, I'm weighed down by a fugue of regret, uncertainty, and hope. The news mostly washes over me before I can even begin to get a grip on it, let alone distill and repackage it here for you. I'm in a contemplative, offline mood these days. As always, I'm doing what I can to keep God at center and handle my more basic personal priorities. Newsfeeding is on the backburner for now. Gotta keep praying[1].

[1] The latest news I've gotten is that hurricane Frances has dropped from an almost level-5 storm (the worst) to a level 3. Hooray!

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