Monday, September 13, 2004

Christian Heritage - September 11 - Knowledge and Love

"Rather than engaging in futile disputation let us seek to have the love of Christ burning within us. When we give way to unbridled curiosity we cease to savor delights that are eternal. Many nowadays are so consumed with desire of knowledge rather than love that they hardly know what love is, though the whole object of their study should have been to achieve a burning love of God. I say this to their shame: an old woman can be more expert in the love of God, and less worldly as well, than a theologian whose studies are useless because they are undertaken out of vanity in order to win a reputation and obtain stipends and positions of honor. Such a one should be reckoned not a doctor but a fool!"


Richard Rolle (1300-1349), The Fire of Love 5, 157-160

Richard was a hermit and a mystic in England who left us the fruits of his contemplation in writing. I thank him for explaining with these words some of my hesitancy to become immersed in academia.

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