Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Christian Heritage - August 31 - Reign with God

"To reign in heaven simply means exercising a single power with God and all the holy angels and saints through being so united with them in love as to want only what they want. Love God more than yourself, then, and already you will begin to have what you desire to possess fully in heaven. Be at one with God and with other men and women -- so long as they are not at variance with God -- and already you will begin to reign with God and all the saints. The desires of God and all the saints will be the same as yours in heaven, if your desires now are the same as those of God and other people. So, if you want to be a king in heaven, love God and other people as you should and then you will deserve to become what you desire."

Anselm of Canterbury (AD 1033-1109), Ep. 112: Opera Omnia, 3, 244-246

Anselm was the archbishop of Canterbury and made an outstanding contribution to the speculative thought of his day (particularly in _Cur Deus Homo_, the _Proslogion_, and the _Monologion_).

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