Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why am I online again?

The following farewell post from Mark Windsor at Vociferous Yawpings touched me (as well as sent a shiver of gravity through me).

I don’t blog out of ego like some people. Seeing my words on the internet has never really been a motivating factor for my being here. I don’t blog out of need either. I’ve never made one red cent off what I write on the blog and it doesn’t add to my ability to support my family. In short, I don't need this. The harshness I’ve seen, that Sherry Weddell notes above and that Mark Shea has argued against for ages, has become so dominant that I no longer see a valid reason to continue this blog. The rational people may eventually leave out of boredom with the tiresome rage-aholics. St. Blogs could easily become more and more extreme. What good will that do?

I can serve my fellow man far more effectively in my own parish, or in my own home, than I can here; arguing in endless circles with those for whom rage is a staple of life. My home, my parish, and yes, my Church and my faith, may not be perfect, but neither are they the seat of all evil upon Earth or a thing to be derided at every opportunity. There’s far more good that comes from the Church than bad, and it sickens me that a few people are able to skew the debate publicly. It’s true that, as Dom Bettinelli has said, much has been accomplished with the blogs. But I think the jury is very much out on whether or not greater evil has been accomplished than good. I want no part of the former, and it seems that I can do precious little to promote the later. Therefore, adios...

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