Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - September 7 - Admiration for the Dedicated

"How can we help but admire and commend those who disregard and set aside the pleasures of this world and live together in a truly chaste and holy society! They pass their time in prayers, readings, and discussions, without any swelling of pride, or noise of contention, or sullenness of envy. Quiet, modest, and peaceful, their life is one of perfect harmony and devotion to God."

A trifle idealized, perhaps, but Augustine is basically right; he lived of what he spoke.

-- The Morals of the Catholic Church 31, 67

Prayer. Give me yourself, O my God. Surrender yourself to me, for I love you. And if that is not enough, let me love you more ardently.

-- Confessions 13, 8

September 7

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