Thursday, September 30, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - September 29 - Helping the Needy

"Walking by faith, let us do good works. In these let there be a free love of God for his own sake and an active love for our neighbor. For there is nothing we can do for God. But because we have something we can do for our neighbor, we shall by our good offices to the needy gain the favor of him who is the source of all abundance. Let us then do what we can for others; let us freely bestow upon the needy out of our abundance."

-- Sermon 41, 9

Prayer. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord who guides you, and do not look back.

-- Commentary on Psalm 75, 16

The key is not merely to look forward, but to keep doing so, not merely to see, but to gaze. -- Elliam Fakespeare

September 29

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