Monday, September 6, 2004

New link(s) day!

Witty, current, theologically and politically insightful -- and it's free: Mark Shea's Catholic and Enjoying It!

As I mentioned, I blogsat for Mark Shea for two months and have enjoyed his blog for about two years. If I write a book about my journey I may very well devote it to him, since his blog provided me with an invaluable forum -- an anvil, really -- to work through the whole array of my growing faith.

Just as witty, current, theologically and politically insightful -- and just as free: Jimmy's Akin Defensor Fidei Blog

Aside from being a superb apologist, Jimmy Akin is a pious man, a gentleman and a veritable polymath. I get some of my best science links from him and I always enjoy his linguistic posts. He's a sharp guy; give him your ear.

My new roommate, James, has hopped on the blog wagon with A Taste of Taiwan. Check him out.

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